Engineering, Architecture and Surveying

Since 1928, S. E. Huey Co. has helped companies and communities grow. Experience, creativity and technical expertise come together in every service we offer. Our experienced staff of civil engineers, architects, land surveyors, designers, CAD operators and inspectors provide their expertise to public, private and military sectors.

Every project we undertake is guided from start to finish by mature, capable hands, by innovative thinking and by an overriding emphasis on quality, cost and time management. More than aesthetics, choosing a planning, architectural or engineering firm is about partnership and business. Our history, experience, proven processes and commitment to design excellence produce lasting structures and enduring client relationships.

EngineeringEngineering Our registered engineers are experienced, hands-on professionals who are committed to quality, efficiency and timelines. We stand apart in the diversity of our work, with a portfolio of projects that touches aspects of our region's rich history as well as our modern lives.

ArchitectureArchitecture Dedicated to creating value through design, S. E. Huey Co. strives to provide a rewarding architectural experience through the course of design and construction. Our design methodology encourages client participation and collaboration with engineers, consultants and contractors to create the highest quality product.

Land SurveyingLand Surveying Over 80 years ago, S. E. Huey Co. began primarily as a surveying company. Today, because of our long history in the field, we have access to nearly a century's worth of surveying records. With that, S. E. Huey Co. also has a team of surveyors and office personnel that utilize advanced technology along with their knowledge and expertise in order to provide clients with accurate, reliable surveys.

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